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Give Yourself Away
July 24, 2017 09:41 AM PDT
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Russ' father, David Adcox, takes the stage to talk about the role of service in the Christian faith and its impact on our church. Galatians 5:13-14 is his text and it issues a simple challenge to those who've been been set free by Christ..."serve one another in love."

Hacksaw Ridge
July 18, 2017 08:01 AM PDT

The inspiring true story of the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor. There's an important lesson for Christians here about the courage of conviction and the simple desire to "just help me save one more."

July 10, 2017 07:46 AM PDT
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A true story left largely intact by Hollywood because it's so incredible. The movie portrays the journey of Saroo Brierly on his search for home, family and belonging. In this message, we use his story as a metaphor for the universal human search for the same things.

Hidden Figures
July 05, 2017 08:28 AM PDT
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A true story of three remarkable women who overcame racism and sexism to propel America into space. There's a important lesson here for us here and it applies to this generation just as much as it did to the previous one.

A Quick Word from 2nd John
June 28, 2017 07:48 AM PDT
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What's the message of 2nd John for the church today? And why are we so tempted to pull this book out of context and apply it to things the author never intended?

A Quick Word from Jude
June 20, 2017 12:50 PM PDT
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Jude? Who's Jude? And why does something he wrote 2,000 years ago still mean something today? An important word about grace.

A Quick Word from Philemon
June 12, 2017 07:54 AM PDT
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What does a letter from the apostle Paul to a slave owner have to teach us about the gospel? Quite a bit. This short letter packs a punch and reminds of something we all need to hear.

Thrive Anyway
June 09, 2017 12:36 PM PDT
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A message of hope and encouragement for caregivers and loved ones facing chronic health issues. Guest speaker, Bruce McIntyre, serves as the Executive Director of the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma. He's the author of four books, as a caregiver for his wife for the past 12 years, understands the world of chronic illness and caregiving. He has led the Caregiver Fundamentals Project in Oklahoma City and served caregivers as a business, church, and non-profit leader.

Sharpening the Saw
May 23, 2017 10:48 AM PDT
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The last message of the Simplify series focuses on how to care for ourselves spiritually using the four areas Jesus mentioned in his teaching on the greatest commands...heart, soul, mind and strength.

Strengthen Your Relationships
May 15, 2017 02:47 PM PDT
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Talking about the word "overcommitted" and how it drains our availability for relationships. Using the words of Jesus to Martha in Luke 10:41-42 we introduce two principles that will help you slow down, prioritize and reconnect with those you love the most.

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